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Our Process

  1. Signup to be a customer. In our new customer signup we ask for your preferences on how you want your shirts laundered, and your payment information.

  2. On your first pickup please place your items in a bag with a sheet of paper with your name, email address and phone number on it. Upon delivery you will receive a special blue bag with a personalized tag attached.  Use this bag for all future orders. 

    Note: If you want to give us items to clean before you get your bag, you can do so as long as you include with your clothes a sheet of paper with your name, email address and phone number on it.

  3. Drop your bag of clothes into the Well Pressed drop-off bin. To see the locations of your company's central drop-off locations, login to My Account which is also located in the upper right corner of our webpages.

    Optional: Let us know if you’ve noticed a spot or something which requires special attention by writing it on a sheet of paper which you include in your drop-off bag with the items.

  4. We pickup your items at the central drop-off location.  We clean and press your clothes, have your shoes fixed and polished, and your alterations done. During the time we are doing these things, we bill your credit card.

  5. We return your clothes and shoes to your desk cleaned and repaired.  Clothes take two or three business days and are delivered on our next pickup/drop-off day at your company. Alterations typically take up to one week, and shoes and leather goods take one to two weeks.

Contact Us:
(800) 651-9355

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